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PM Abe's planned speech at UN General Assembly










PM Shinzou Abe is going to make a presentation at the UN. Here is the draft speech translated with flat words:

Through the experience of the two world wars, human beings have been aspired to build a world where nations do not use force to solve the conflicts between them. Today, threats against peace and human rights are not limited to the conflicts between nations. We are determined to build human rights based society throughout the international society with the people of the world, by combatting the real cause of these military aggressions.
However, the framework of nation states is difficult to overcome, so Japan also have to protect its vested interests as a country. For that purpose, we would like to prepare ourselves to be able to use the demonstration of military forces against any threats against Japan and strengthen the cooperation with our allies through cooperation in the developments of arms and sharing the arms and forces. There is no philosophical nor constitutional base to take any further leadership for peace for Japan now.

Disparity by gender is still big in Japan. There are cultures where gender role models are distinct between male and female and there are cultures which are not in the world. The gap of economic and social powers between gender in Japan is the largest among the developed nations and I understand that the international society is urging Japan to solve this problem as quickly as possible.

But, including myself, the culture of differentiated role models between male and female is very strong, especially deeply rooted in the mentality of elder, higher, and well-educated male in Japan. This is very difficult to change and I am not trying at all. Therefor, I want women to be contents with the gap and forced role, but still try do their best to contribute to the society. I promise to support their efforts as long as there is no threats to this “genderous” society.
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